Know your geography

From guest writer Dil3mma:

We’ve all seen the statistics that 114% of Americans cant seem to tell you where Europe is on a map. Frankly, let Europe get destroyed by the zombies! I’m not swimming there anyway.

What you SHOULD be acutely aware of, however, is your more immediate surroundings and paths you can likely take to places of relative safety. Zombies may be mindless and slow moving, but consider the tortoise and the hare lesson. You can run, but in the end slow and steady will win.

Always be aware of attack vectors. An open field has a 360 degree attack possibility. The odds of surviving such things is low. A cave entrance would be much better with a limited 15 degree angle of attack. Couple that with the idea that eventually enough zombies will die to your physical (or firearms) prowess that their very bodies will block the entrance of the cave.

There are several possible scenarios of how and where a zombie attack is likely to start. Labs around the world (with sufficient freaky crap going on in them) are likely to be in outlying areas away from population centers. A zombie march from one of these facilities is likely to first infest a small town that is there mainly to support the lab and surrounding facilities. News from small towns like this is notoriously shoddy. An entire small town could drop off the map for a few days without anyone really noticing. If it occurs in North Dakota for instance, its likely nobody will notice for a few weeks. Nobody in fact lives in North Dakota except for a few very cold native americans.

If a Chthuloid outbreak occurs, New England will likely be ground zero; Mostly Maine or other far-out-of-the-way locales. The proximity of Boston to this makes it particularly troublesome as a starting location. The Eastern seaboard will likely fall quickly to a zombie attack of this nature. New York City isnt far off.

Bearing that in mind, dont offer a zombie a ride to a major city. Please spread the word to those you care about.

Know your back-woods options. Retreating to somewhere you are familiar with in a mountainous region with plenty of water and food in supply is your best bet to survive a zombie apocalypse. Keep a GPS and a map as a backup. If the zombies get into NORAD (and they eventually will) GPS coordinates will degrade relatively quickly.

Make a map for your family with an agreed-upon A B and C meetup point. Often a zombie invasion will occur while youre away from your loved ones and getting together will give you some peace of mind before the end comes.

Always remember to take advantage of the time you have now to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. The small amount of time and resources you give to this now, the better you will fare when it actually happens.

And as always remain vigilant.


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